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Price List:

Listings: Paypal $30 / Niteflirt $42

Buttons: Paypal $5 each/ Niteflirt $8

Personalized Header

for Twitter or Niteflirt

(no listing) Paypal $10 / Niteflirt $15

Free with Listing

Virtual Business Card

(no listing) Paypal $10 / Niteflirt $15

Free with Listing



The process for revising your listing is simple. Just pick a sample template from the second page of this site. 

Then send an email with requested template, text and pics you'd like to add as attachments. That's a basic listing for $30 on Paypal or $42 on Niteflirt.

Personalized matching buttons are additional $5 each on Paypal or $8 on Niteflirt. 

I'll make something up and send you a link to preview. At that point, you'll either approve it or let me know what changes you'd like to make. On your final approval, I'll send your code in an email on Niteflirt.  All you have to do is  copy and paste the code into the edit box where you make your listing. 

You'll be surprised at how fast and easy it is to get your new eye catching listing. The sooner you send that email, the quicker you'll get your listing. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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